FOR SALE: New & Used Surface Grinders

Harig EZ SURF II Grinder
Harig 612 Handfeed FOR SALE
Like New
Type: Used  Built: 1998
Serial #: 20424

Harig AutoStep Grinder
Okamoto 618 ACC DX3 FOR SALE
Automatic Downfeed
Table & Crossfeed
Type: New   Built: 1999

Harig Hydraulic Grinder
Okamoto ACC-16-32DX FOR SALE
Automatic Downfeed
Table & Crossfeed
Type: New   Built: 2001

This is what your early 70s Harig Autostep 618 could look like after it's been reconditioned & updated. Grinder rebuilds are always available for approximately 1/3 the price of a new machine. Harig machines are American made and parts are always available. Reconditioned machines can be rescraped & rebuilt to new machine tolerances! Email me for more information.

Welcome to JDS Technical Support

Having worked for Harig Products for over 42 years, I am an authorized Harig consultant and technical support specialist for Tru Tech Harig Product Surface Grinders, proudly serving the best American small to mid-sized grinder manufacture in the world. I have an in-depth knowlege of our product engineering, design, production and development, and am an expert in both electrical and mechanical services for all Harig models. Email JDS Technical Support for all your Harig Surface Grinder needs.

New & Used Surface Grinders

Looking for good used Surface Grinder? If you're interested in any of the grinders below, or other machines we have to offer, please call Jim Seyller (847) 683 0476 or send an Email.

Parts and Service

Service Issues

Need service? Excess backlash in crossfeed, no tablefeed, no crossfeed, grinder cables slipping, leaking oil, no lubrication, software issues. If you need service JDS Technical Support can troubleshoot, diagnose and solve.

Grinder Replacement Parts

Need parts? Downfeed screws, gears, switches, longfeed cables, cylinders, crossfeed and downfeed printed circuit boards and oil pumps... basically if you need it, we’ll help you replace it.